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Photo-a-Day: Day #4 (People)

Frank Warren's PostSecret Live inside the University of Washington's Meany Hall. Photo taken with my HTC Droid Incredible.


PostSecret comes to the UW thanks to student group Active Minds

April 29, 2011 2 comments

For my first full audio story, I used audio I collected while working on a story for The Daily. In the two and a half minute clip (below), you’ll hear both Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, and Katie McCorkell, a junior at the UW and president of the student group Active Minds.

The only disappointment I really had in making this was that I was unable to use any ambient sound. Luckily, I think the topic is extremely relevant (the event is tonight!) and PostSecret is an extremely popular website/event/book(s) — especially among college students.

My only real problem in putting this project together was uploading the .mp3 to SoundCloud. At first it would make a bunch of annoying noise that wasn’t in the original file. After a few minutes I realized I had forgotten to set the track to 44.1 kHz in Audacity. Once I fixed that, it was good to go! So without further ado…

File size: 2.37 MB / Time: 2:35 / Download