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Reflections on the Photo-a-Day Project — Perspective, Composition and Learning About Your Camera

Things I learned from the photo-a-day project:

  • Take a lot of photos. When I would get back and upload the shots onto my computer, the more photos there were, the better chance I’d have one I was proud of.
  • Perspective. Shots are far more interesting when I moved around — up, down, to the side, etc. When I was at the beach in downtown Edmonds, I never would have gotten my favorite shots if I hadn’t decided to stay out in the cold a few minutes longer and change my perspective to another part of the park.
  • Get close, too. Not just with zoom, get close with the camera.
  • I learned a ton about composition. I’m not as fond of my last couple photos (took them with my cell phone because I’ve been sick and out of energy the past couple days), but with the others it was a lot of fun to play around with the rule of thirds and the cropping tool.
  • Learn about whatever camera you’re using. I had a lot of fun photographing the Seattle skyline one night and playing around with settings in trying to get the ‘streaking’ effect of the traffic on I-5.

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Photo-a-Day: Day #10 (Water)

The good ol' water faucet. Photo taken with my HTC Droid Incredible.

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Photo-a-Day: Day #9 (Transportation)

My friend on her longboard on a path moving away from Denny Hall at the University of Washington. Photo taken with my HTC Droid Incredible.

Photo-a-Day: Day #8 (Technology)

Spinning The Head and the Heart vinyl.

Photo-a-Day: Day #7 (Animals)

The most useful my beta fish, Gyrados, has ever been.

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Photo-a-Day: Day #6 (Texture)

Moss growing alongside a barrier at the Padelford parking lot on the University of Washington campus. The faint building in the background to the right is part of the Bellevue skyline.

Photo-a-Day: Day #5 (Something Blue) + Extras

April 30, 2011 3 comments

Sunrise around 6 a.m. at Brackett's Landing in Edmonds, WA.

And some more…

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