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#FF (Follow Friday): Pacific Northwest journalists

1. @TheNewsChick (local) Linda Thomas – Twitter enthusiast, lots of great links and, of course, the anchor in the mornings on KIRO FM.

2. @sona23 (local) Sona Patel – Associate producer for social media at The Seattle Times.

3. @pdebarros (local) Paul de Barros – Great music writer at The Seattle Times.

4. @barlowkm (local) Katrina Barlow – News producer at The Seattle Times, enough said!

5. @jontalton (local) Jon Talton – Lots of great economic/business tweets.


#FF (Follow Friday): Five sports journalists

1. @BillPlaschke (national) Bill Plaschke – Outstanding L.A. Times columnist. I read his insight every chance I get.

2. @woodypaige (national) Woody Paige – Hilarious Denver Post columnist. Most entertaining Around the Horn panelist.

3. @masonkelley (local) Mason Kelley – Tons of great local sports updates on Twitter account.

4. @RealMikeWilbon (national) Mike Wilbon – Co-host of Pardon the Interruption on ESPN, and also a great sports journalist.

5. @sportsguy33 (national) Bill Simmons – Author and ESPN columnist. Lots of great humor.

#FF (Follow Friday): Five photographers

April 29, 2011 1 comment

1. @ScottBourne (national) Scott Bourne – Great photography related tweets (publisher of

2. @RoshSillars (national) Rosh Sillars – Lots of journalism tweets, co-author of “Linked Photography.”

3. @BillFrakes (national) Bill Frakes – Dude has shot more than 200 Sports Illustrated covers. Respect.

4. @jeremycowart (national) Jeremy Cowart – Celebrity photographer, founder of two websites including one where photographers give back to community.

5. @monophotography (global) Donald Cameron – Creative director of photography at SlashThree,  an online community for photographers.

#FF (Follow Friday): Five radio personalities/photojournalists

April 22, 2011 1 comment

1. @iraglass (national) Ira Glass – This American Life host on NPR.

2. @despeaux (local) Cliff DesPeaux – Popular local photojournalist.

3. @ElaineMThompson (local) Elaine Thompson – Local AP photographer. Awesome person.

4. @notmarcocollins (local) Marco Collins – Former KNDD DJ in the 90s, now working at KEXP.

5. @GregR1077 (local) GregR – DJ at KNDD.

#FF (Follow Friday): Five more journalists to follow on Twitter

1. @Jerry_Brewer (local) Jerry Brewer – Terrific — even though I don’t always agree — sports columnist at The Seattle Times.

2. @WendyNordvikCar (local-ish) Wendy Nordvik-Car – Multimedia trainer at the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

3. @joshuamayers (local) Joshua Mayers – Sounders FC beat reporter/blogger at The Seattle Times. Former UW Daily reporter.

4. @mitchellreports (national) Andrea Mitchell – Chief foreign affairs correspondent at NBC News.

5. @benpolitico (national) Ben Smith – Great political reporter/blogger at Politico.