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COM495: Quarter in Review

Here’s everything I’ve got, all in one post!

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COM495: Video Sequence

My video sequence is of my friends’ kitten, Dexter, playing in their apartment. I had to be very patient to get decent shots (I used my point and click camera), but it turned out alright. The camera gave me five separate files so I took them into Windows Movie Maker and edited them together, but that was it. And, yeah, I went for the “What a cute kitten!” attempt.

First Shot – Location
Second Shot – Normal (wider angle)
Third Shot – Closeup
Fourth Shot – Point of View
Fifth Shot – Creative

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COM495: Multimedia Critique

These projects are supposed to show some elements of photo/audio slideshows, though I strayed a bit.

First up is The Denver Post’s outstanding feature on the journey of Ian Fisher, an American soldier. Template? Awesome, eye-catching, and fun. Photography? Terrific. Extras? Really cool to have.

But the best part is “The Story” section (below). While you can choose a scrollable text page, you can flip through the pages just like a book or magazine. One of my favorite journalism pieces I’ve read/seen/watched/clicked all year.

Next I decided to compare and contrast two graffiti projects I found. In my opinion, while they’re both great ideas, one definitely works a lot better than the other.

1. This is from back in May of 2008, but it’s a panorama of some graffiti underneath the Las Vegas Strip. It’s from The Las Vegas Sun, which produces some great interactive projects (like this one other one I found, on the history of The Strip). However, this panorama doesn’t work for me. It gets boring fast and the images aren’t striking enough.

2. On the other hand, this thing is amazing. From cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, you can see graffiti over several of years (the layering is such a great idea). I could easily spend hours just looking through it all.

And lastly, this interactive map from The L.A. Times shows chronology of gay marriage in the United States. Easy to use and it’s really nice how you can roll over states and see information.

COM495: Scene using natural sound

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COM495: Word Cloud (super-duper cool!)

March 30, 2010 1 comment

This is the word cloud I created thanks to for my COM495 (Digital Storytelling) class. I used my article — “Out of the classroom, into the zoo” — that ran in The Daily today.

The word cloud is effective, in my opinion, in three ways. One, since all the words are horizontal you can read it pretty easily. Two, it actually captures the main points of my story (BEAR group research at Woodland Park Zoo… conservation, welfare). And three, purple and gold representing UW.