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Photography: Vancouver

January 16, 2012 1 comment
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University of British Columbia Clock TowerBC Place ReflectionWest End Sunset

Vancouver, a set on Flickr.

My girlfriend and I took a trip up north to Vanouver this weekend to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Besides absolutely falling in love with the city, here are some photos I shot. Click the photos to enlarge!


An Autumn Day on Green Lake

November 15, 2011 5 comments

I walked down to Green Lake on a beautiful autumn day in Seattle. Here’s what I came up with!

Trees can't block the sun from peaking through.

Looking across Green Lake at some fall foliage.

This duck brought its beak back up from the water as I snapped the photo.

Some more fall foliage at Green Lake.

Another duck makes its way across the water.

A cloud reflected on Green Lake.

Beautiful animals seen here on Green Lake in Seattle. Love them as long as the word 'Oregon' isn't in front.

Some mushrooms growing on an old tree near a bench on Green Lake.

A duck wades through the water.

The sun hits the water on Green Lake.

The sun begins to set over Green Lake in Seattle.

A family enjoys their photo shoot on Green Lake.

I was lucky enough to capture this great blue heron on Green Lake, right as I was about to call it a day.