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Three terrific audio slideshows

1. “Surf Town Canada” from CBC is a bit long, but it uses ambient sound well. Awesome action shots and lot of variety in perspective. It keeps me interested the whole way through.

2. I remember this one from the LA Times after seeing it in another class. It moves a little slow but that also fits perfectly with the subject — waiting to die. The photography is beautiful.

3. From The New York Times and their “One in 8 Million” series: a story about an “urban taxidermist.” For me, the story is unusual, creepy and interesting, and the black and white photos work great.


Three great audio-only stories: Politics, Pongo and Portal

April 20, 2011 1 comment

1. This is actually from Tuesday, and I took a listen because of my odd interest in Canadian politics. The story is an excellent profile on Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff, who is currently trailing Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper in the election polls. Excellent ambient sound. Of course, it’s from NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

2. Here’s a piece from a favorite professor (Florangela Davila) of mine: a story for KPLU on the Pongo Teen Writing Workshop. It’s pretty long, but still works.

3. Lastly, here’s  a story on the Portal and Portal 2 video games that was featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” It started as a project at Digipen here in Washington state, and the original went on to sell four million copies. Another terrific example of NPR’s great work.