Portfolio (Design, Photog, Soundslides)

As Lifestyles Editor (Winter 2011, The Daily of the UW)

The survival of a murder (with Soundslide)
By Colin Gorenstein

In limbo
By Celina Kareiva and Colin Gorenstein

The wild side of academics
PAGE 6-7
By Suzanna Parikh

Branches of faith
By Ravi Venkataraman

A search for identity
By Lauren Becherer


Page 3: http://media.dailyuw.com/papers/100714_FULL_WEB.pdf
Page 3: http://media.dailyuw.com/papers/100707_FULL_WEB.pdf


Here’s my first Soundslide, an interview with a mother that lost her child to cancer. It was created for a Writing for Mass Media course at the UW in the Fall of 2009.

Here’s my second Soundslide. It details two young people that are moving in together, and was created for a Digital Storytelling course at the UW in the Spring of 2010.

Here’s my third, using an interview with Wes Miles of indie rock band Ra Ra Riot.


These are some photos I’ve taken with my simple point-and-shoot camera (and three very basic Photoshop images from high school).

And here’s some work from my two years at Western Washington University.

Hand in Hand? Video Games and their Influence on Violence in the Real World

“After the shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech in April of 2007, many wondered why Seung-Hui Cho would kill 32 people and himself.  Television’s popular Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, stated that “common sense tells you that if these kids are playing video games, where they’re on a mass killing spree in a video game […], it’s become part of the fiber of our society” (Meyers).  What Dr. Phil said was nothing new; video games and their influence on violence has been a controversy raging for numerous years.”

Controversy and the 2008 Olympic Games

“Controversies involving, but not limited to, human rights, environmental problems, health concerns, and the shady International Olympic Committee all surround the 2008 Olympic Games, set to be held in Beijing, China this summer. This essay tries to make sense of all these issues by forwarding ideas from other texts. Combined with research, these ideas make it clear that awarding China the Olympics in the first place was a major blunder.”

(And this sort of follow-up article, The Risks and Rewards of Global Media Events, was written at the UW in the Fall of 2009, in regards to Vancouver’s Winter Games.)

Environmental Issues in the United States and Canada

“With so many people living within miles of the border that separates the two, the relationship between the United States and Canada is a close one. But how does this relationship change when the subject is narrowed down to the environmental aspect of the two nations?”

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