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Reflecting on the Photo Story — Challenges, Goals and People

In trying to tell a visual story of a small town hit by the economic downturn, I clearly wanted to focus on how the town has changed. I tried to do this through the order of the photos I chose — an introduction to the town (first photo), a comparison to some history (second photo), and then getting into some obvious visuals that could be associated with an economic recession. I’d say my biggest challenge was just covering the town. It may be small but it’s still a town with plenty of areas and neighborhoods. Choosing where to go and what to shoot in a limited amount of time (about two hours) was the toughest part of it all.

Overall, I think I met a lot of my goals. For the most part, it turned out how I envisioned besides the fact that I’m not some professional photographer. In terms of learning, this project just continued my education in photography. There are a few shots I’m pretty proud of (specifically some of the color and composition in a few photos), but considering I took around 100 photos or so, I obviously still have tons to learn. And I feel like that comes with experience. If I had a chance to redo this assignment, I’d want to at least give myself some more time and explore areas I wasn’t able to get to (or park and get out of my car at the time). There are at least a couple specific places and images in my mind that I wish I could have gotten to. Furthermore, I’d try to get more people in my photos. People, at least to me, are far more compelling than most photos of buildings.

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