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“Journalism 2.0”: What makes a good blog? A conversation

Cartoon by Dave Walker

In chapter five of Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive by Mark Briggs, one particular paragraph really jumped out at me:

“A good blog is an ongoing conversation. It is facilitated by you, but, if it works,it may be dominated by your audience. If that happens, you win, the news organization wins and, most importantly, the readers win.”

This excerpt screams interactive journalism. It immediately reminds me of blogs on the websites of local newspapers like The Seattle Times and Seattle Weekly.

In particular, it reminds me of a blog I frequent, Bob Condotta’s Husky Football Blog. Condotta’s blog is truly an ongoing conversation with his readers. Here are some of the ways he does it:

  • Relevant links every single day. Not just about the Husky football team, but links surrounding the Pac-12 and the greater college football world as well.
  • Detailed practice reports.
  • Transcripts of interviews with coaches and players with several quotes that didn’t make it into his stories for the paper.
  • Live chats with readers. Occasionally he’ll bring in a coach or an announcer or another beat writer.
  • The blog includes the ability to post comments and interact with other readers/arm-chair quarterbacks.
  • And though this is more frequent during the season, he’ll sometimes post video from practice or post-game interviews.

Unlike the “we talk, you listen” slogan that Briggs describes earlier in the chapter — a mindset that has been difficult for many newspapers to get out of — Condotta effectively involves his readers in every post he makes.

Hey, if the readers ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

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