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COM466: The future of the newspaper

March 30, 2011 1 comment

In my opinion, the article “What Does the Future Hold for Newspapers?” really hit the nail on the head. Most newspapers have been too late to realize the difference between the print edition and the online version of their product. The online version needs things like video, slideshows, interactive features and comment sections. While some newspapers have adjusted and continue to adjust, the change hasn’t been fast enough.

Another aspect of all this is social media. When the world is changing and people can update their Twitter and Facebook from their computer, phone or iPad within seconds, it then becomes important for the newspaper industry to utilize this. Beyond using social media, newspapers need to update their own website on a frequent basis to bring page views for advertisers.

Sure, it’s unfortunate that sites like Craigslist have eaten up ad revenue that classifieds previously added to newspapers, but it also means the industry isn’t — or wasn’t — being creative enough. With the exception of The New York Times and Washington Post, most newspapers are local. Give your readers reasons to come back. Be a place where the community can connect. Offer neighborhood blogs. Offer blogs — like I worked with at Seattle Weekly — that are updated several times a day.

Without getting creative, advertisers have more reason to go elsewhere. As physical readership drops, the online presence isn’t just another part of the newspaper — it potentially means everything.

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COM466: Expectations

March 28, 2011 2 comments

What are your expectations for this course?

My main expectation for the course is to continue to learn about tools that I can use in the ever-changing world of journalism. I already have experience with many of these tools – from Twitter to blogging – but I’m excited to refine my skills and enhance them. Furthermore, as an Evening student, I’m excited to take a journalism-type class after all my experience at The Daily and Seattle Weekly.

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