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The Search for Seattle’s Best Cupcake

My first thought when my name came up to do a restaurant review was that I don’t know a whole lot about food. Luckily, I do know a lot about dessert! So I mixed it up a little and went all around Seattle to try and find the best cupcake the city has to offer.

All the places I visited were charming, but Trophy’s cupcakes were the clear winner. I’d say Cupcake Royale and the Sugar Rush Baking Company weren’t too far behind and I’m looking forward to going back to Wink Cupcakes and trying some of their other creations.


Album review: The Futureheads (plus other stuff)

Punk rockers become relevant again. Also, here’s my “Pop Culture Crackdown” on the MTV Movie Awards.

COM495: Video Sequence

My video sequence is of my friends’ kitten, Dexter, playing in their apartment. I had to be very patient to get decent shots (I used my point and click camera), but it turned out alright. The camera gave me five separate files so I took them into Windows Movie Maker and edited them together, but that was it. And, yeah, I went for the “What a cute kitten!” attempt.

First Shot – Location
Second Shot – Normal (wider angle)
Third Shot – Closeup
Fourth Shot – Point of View
Fifth Shot – Creative

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