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Bellingham’s best…

Death Cab for Cutie
Meet Me on the Equinox (Single)
Chop Shop/Atlantic

Just six months ago I got to see the little-band-that-could in a special WWU students show in their hometown of Bellingham (with opener and one of my favorites, Ra Ra Riot). As I stood in the second row it was easy to see the passion Ben Gibbard and company put into every song and every performance. The band played plenty from their first couple albums (with references to Railroad and Holly getting huge applause) and from their breakthrough albums “Transatlanticism“ and “Plans.” Only songs from their most recent album, “Narrow Stairs,” came off as a bit underwhelming (although “Cath” was spectacular). So after this year’s “The Open Door EP” (catchy, very “Narrow Stairs”), I was hoping the band might sit back for a little while and get back to their old ways in a year or two. Then it was announced the lead single for the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack would be by Death Cab. Sigh, right? Most fans were more than a little disappointed by the news that they’d have to listen to a Death Cab song and think of Robert Pattinson. But, if you can separate the song from the movie (or if you can’t and you’re a Twilight fan), “Meet Me on the Equinox” is a worthwhile addition to the band’s collection. Almost immediately Gibbard’s echoed vocals come in, with the big lyrical moment being “everything, everything ends.” The breakdown mentions an “open door” for the third time in a Death Cab song in the last year. It doesn’t feel very deep and it’s far from the band’s best moment. But in the end, it’s a Death Cab for Cutie song, which makes it worth a few listens. Until the next album, I’ll be content on wondering why nobody has changed the name of that darn glove compartment.


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